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A Story of Paper: Recycling

We all experience the bad change that global warming has created all over the world. Seasonal temperatures are above normal, rains are decreasing, natural disasters are getting more severe and many more. So where do we stand against this situation? Are we aware of the benefit of even the smallest labor to all humanity in this great human problem? “A Story of Paper: Recycling” begins here. The return of a page may seem small, but how important it actually is.

It is really important to recycle every paper trash in our house! You will not believe only the benefits of recycling paper.

1 ton of recycled paper saves the lives of 17 trees!

With just one piece of paper, you can make such a big contribution! And not only the benefits remain with this.

  • In the production of 1 ton of recycled paper, 35,000 liters less water is used than producing one ton of virgin fibre paper.
  • The process of creating recycled paper uses 31% less energy than the creation of virgin fibre paper.
  • Recycling reduces CO2 emissions by 20% in comparison with incinerating the paper.

So what do you waiting for? These are just a few benefits of recycling of paper. You can save the world!

We use recycled materials in the production of our notebooks. We are constantly doing new work for sustainable design and trying to do our best.

Papers can be recycled five times.

The last four lives left! We already used one of them. The papers you recycled are perhaps now back to you as your notebook. Your old corn flakes box may be your new notebook. Who knows!

They are not what they used to be.

Let’s make your pizza box your new travel journal! Recycle all the paper trashes you can and make a more liveable world!

Do you have a brilliant idea or suggestion on this matter? Do you recycle your paper waste?Comment below what are you thinking on this or e-mail us. We are always open to the new ideas!

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recycling paper


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