China Travel Journal, Chinese New Year gift


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China Travel Journal

This China travel journal will be very lovely Chinese New Year gift for who loves Chinese culture or who travels to China!

We produce all the customized travel notebooks with high quality materials and good workmenship. Our China travel journal and all of the other customized travel notebooks are produce by request, so we could choose the best color of pages, best thickness of hardcover and most useful size of travel notebook and sketchbook. After producing China map notebook, 2 mm kraft cardboards are cut by laser cutter. With colorful textured papers, all of these pieces are glue on China map notebook.

Specifications of the notebook:

. 8,1 x 5,8 inches (A5)
. 96 sheets / 192 pages
. 70 gr/m2 blank ivory paper pages
. 2 mm hard kraft cardboard on back and front cover
. Colorful textured papers under the cardboard

Would you like to see other custom travel journals?

Customize it. Make an unforgettable gift.

You can use our China kraft notebook as a personalized blank notebook, travel journal, hardcover diary, agenda, recipe book, telephone notebook or any other usages. Blank sheets allow for many usages. Customize your travel journal with names, quotes, texts or your special dates.

A sustainable future.

We care about a sustainable clean environment and we are using recyclable materials. We do not use toxic chemicals in the bonding process. All of the FO! travel journal covers are made from recycled material and FO! notebooks are recyclable.

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